Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Common Indian - Breaking the stereotype

Who am I? A common man - Aam Aadmi!

Well - I am a common Indian living in Houston,TX with my family. I have a beautiful wife, a very talented daughter who is in high school and a sporty son who is in 4th grade. I would like to write little bit more about me for now, in context of my first blog.

I have an engineering degree with MBA and currently work for one of the largest oil and Gas Companies in the world as senior manager. I will furnish other details later in my blogs to make my writing more meaningful and to the point. Needless to say at this point, there are many Indians and individuals like me and therefore I am a common man.

However, what makes this blog interesting (at least in my opinion) and may prove to be motivational for some of the readers here because I know that lot of us are on the same page looking to do something just for themselves to feel accomplished and internally satisfied. A little bit more than just money, house, status, luxury etc.

I would like to share my real life experience here which really made me feel spectacular, positive, and energetic and of course accomplished in a very short span of time. And that is because I picked up running – running like Forrest Gump…just kidding..

 I was never really an “athlete” in my life, Yes, I played cricket, volleyball, and football during my school days in India but the focus was always study, study and study… Joined a decent engineering college then MBA, got married then kids, job overseas. Age 40 now... then what…?  I was not a health freak, just an occasional swimmer. The transition to jogging and running was indeed a major shift in my lifestyle…I will write in detail in my next blog about how that happened…but believe me, the truth of the matter is, everybody’s passion is driven by their own ideas and way of thinking. What is worth mentioning here that I have run almost 500 miles in past 7-8 months. Participated in several 5k, 10k and half marathon so far. Every single time I take part in these events, I feel proud of my success and how far I have come with just a bit of effort and a lot of heart. I have lost at least 20 pounds of weight so far, I am maintaining a healthy lifestyle, look and feel fit and better than ever before.

To be continued in my next blog... 


  1. Cool.. Keep it up.