Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fit Indian – My son had a basketball game today

I promised to myself that I would go for running today no matter what. Most of us who are here in US for at least a decade know how busy our weekends are. It seems that is the only time to fix up stuff so that the following week goes smoothly. I also had few things in my to do list - taking off Christmas lights from yard which I put for Diwali and most important, my son had a basketball game which his team won after playing neck to neck for first three quarters.  He did play well and notched five scoring shots. This is his second KYB season and he takes so much pride in representing “A team”. Here is the link, if you want to watch today’s game.

We came back home, I was feeling little drained yet decided to go for the run in my neighborhood. Weather was pleasant and I knew that by the time I was home again, I would feel mentally refreshed. I ran more than 8 miles as my goal was to complete running 40 miles this week. 

That’s all for today, friends. Tomorrow, I’ll write about what all you need to take up running as a beginner. And I honestly want at least few of you to start because my whole life changed the day I took up running.

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