Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Run - 1/10/14

Last few days in US were freezing cold. Even Southernmost state like Texas was hit badly. Generally, Houston weather is pleasant in January - around 40-50 F but this week it was down to 15-25F, below freezing. Unbelievable... 

Anyway, I could not do any outdoor running in past two days. Today, I was working from home and between two conference calls I had some free time. I decided to hit the gym for workout and little bit of running. Although, I avoid trade mills for long distance running but today was an exception. And so glad I ran 7 miles in one stretch. The dip in the speed is when my office folks called me to discuss something :(

Oh, this is the screenshot from one of the apps - Nike Running which I use to track and log all my runs. I like this app because it is so easy to use and basically not very fancy.

I have few races both 5k and 10k lined up in coming two months and half marathon planned in March. I will continue to post the detail of preparations in my blogs.

Please do comment or if you are a runner, feel free to drop an advice or suggestion. 

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