Wednesday, January 15, 2014

High School evacuated after bomb scare – no running yesterday

Yesterday was one day, I will never forget. Not because I could not go running – just kidding..  but for other reason. I was in a meeting in the office, when my daughter texted me ‘dad – there is a fire in our school.. Oh no it’s a bomb threat ’. Really, are you serious? I did not pay enough attention, just ping my wife to talk to her for details. Later on when I came out of the meeting, I noticed that the news was flashing on all TV channels just like they show in movies.  Helicopters hovering over the school, SWAT, FBI, Katy ISD police, and Hazmat team in their special suit, it looked like they were planning for some major strike against somebody in the school area. When I contacted my daughter, she and other 3600 students were already out of the school sitting in a baseball and football field away from any imminent danger watching this show. Nevertheless, she sounded very excited to tell the story to the world. Later, ISD officials ordered the school to be evacuated and closed for the day with nobody allowed to take anything out of the school perimeter, not even their cellphones if student or teacher left them in school at the time of exiting their classroom. People were not allowed to take the cars out from parking lot for the entire day.

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After I came back from work, we glued to TV for hours to get more updates on the situation. Interestingly, they found the suspect who happened to be a senior student and took him into custody. Story over in a very dramatic fashion with happy ending though. We considered ourselves so fortunate that everybody got out safe and sound.

That’s enough of serious talk. Let us come back to this blog core competency area which is running or jogging. I did run today, around 8 miles to get some personal satisfaction.  I do want to write about another topic tonight but it is too late.  Please wait for my next blog!

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