Friday, January 17, 2014

Houston Rhythm and Blues Half Marathon

I am pretty excited about my next race which is on Feb 9th – Rhythm and Blues half marathon in Houston. 

Check out the link below –

I am a casual runner who has recently taken up running. Therefore, I am training hard to put up my best timing in the race. Sometimes it is good to challenge yourself to perform better. Today I ran 10 miles non-stop in my neighborhood. Although I like running in my area, from next week I will go on a different trail to join a group of runners. I hope that would be more fun plus will be a good learning curve for a novice like me.  I have a gym membership as well and go there for workouts, but running outdoors has its own charm. In addition to exploration and appreciation, running fills what no gym can offer. And a larger portion of fitness enthusiasts would concur to that. Also, when running outdoors you are able to take deep breaths of fresh air that has a natural ability to raise your mood and elevate your senses. Personally for me, I feel less exhausted and running long miles becomes easy to attain.

Now, I feel that training for an event like a marathon helps to keep things lively and interesting because there are goals set in place. You challenge yourself all the time and then make a sincere effort to extract the best out of yourself.

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