Thursday, January 23, 2014

Join the virtual runner club

The main reason I started writing this blog is because a couple of friends back in India encouraged me to share my experience of running. I think it created a sense of inspiration for them.  I will not consider my job done here, until I motivate few of them to run at least one marathon in their life time. Now, I see the value of blogging, especially when I get a call or email from a few of them to discuss the struggle and initial suffering of achieving that first goal – finishing the very first mile. Nevertheless, I think there is a tacit understanding between many of us that it is something achievable which can truly be a life changer.

However, I do see barriers in our mindset that keeps many would-be runners indoors - Self-consciousness and lack of enthusiasm. Precisely for this reason, I consider my blog to be a link between all of us to alleviate any concern and intimidation by any negative notion. I read in a Men’s Health article that half of all runners are over the age of 40, and a third are women. Most of them were slow and overweight when they started. So, why be embarrassed and look for excuses? Join our virtual runner club and let the race begin. We all will march together on this path to attain our active solace.

Check my previous blog on what you need to start running. Simple mantra is – go at your own pace. If you like listening to songs, download your favorite songs of Kishore Kumar or Jagjit Singh or whoever you like on your iPod and listen while running. It will make a huge difference! Your initial gains in fitness will come quickly and that will be enough to inspire you in initial stages. Look forward to the golden years because running is a marvelous way to diminish the effects of ageing and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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