Monday, January 27, 2014

Reading will spur running- but where is the reading material?

When I signed up for my first 5k run last year, I was little skeptical about standing on the starting line on the day of the run. The word “running” used to conjure painful and awkward memories. My brain cautioned me about my endurance level and reminded me in a subtle way, about my low stamina due to being a smoker for several years. Needless to say, I was looking for all kinds of excuses to convince my co-runners that a 5k race was not the right place for me to be. Then I was thrown into world of 6 am training runs and peculiar aerodynamic shoes and guess what? I liked it very much! After a couple of runs, I found out that running is not as “terrible” as most of us think. I have been a runner ever since.

From that point onwards, I wanted to run and most importantly, I wanted to run like an educated smart runner who knows what is required to be fit, and how to run without injuring yourself especially when you are in 30s or 40s. I gathered more and more information about this sport through magazines, blogs, excerpts from high profile runners’ interviews and even articles from Harvard business school. I liked it all but there was always a missing element, a quandary, something I never got from there. I could see little variance between our thinking and their thinking – I would say due to a cultural and social gap. Moreover, some of the authors were so high profile and “Ironman” like that I thought running marathon or half marathon is not meant for average human like me. I tried to find some informative and motivational articles on this subject from Indian authors but could not find anything substantial enough to inspire me. Even TimesofIndia had articles on this topic authored by non-Indians, but they, unfortunately also had a limitation of not knowing Indian culture, which was reflected in their writings. No wonder, we don’t find a lot of Indians participating in long distance races. The drive or push is not enough to move us over the threshold and relish the true sense of running while reaping the benefits.

I have been researching for past few months as to why running is good for us and what it takes to embrace running as hobby. I looked upon the Internet, talked to professional runners, as well as novice ones like me to get a perspective. Although I am not a good writer, I decided to blog my findings and thoughts to convince my friends and people from our community. I realized that there are only few minor tweaks required to be made on our end to achieve the maximum benefits out of all the information available on this subject. If we make these minor adjustments, we can fill the cultural, social and environmental differences, leading us to run for our benefit. In my upcoming blogs, I will divulge more information on the amendments we could make in our lifestyle to enjoy running. Remember, besides improving your health running can also immensely boost your confidence and take you to a different level, professionally.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts or ideas.

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