Saturday, January 18, 2014

Volunteering for Houston marathon

Tomorrow is a big day for all the runners in Houston area when the major and most prestigious event of the year is happening – Chevron Houston Marathon. As a novice runner, this was a good opportunity for me to fathom the excitement and to get the first hand experience of this fabulous endurance contest but I could not get myself registered. Anyway, there is always a next time. I have promised to myself that I will not let my enthusiasm go down to participate in this race next year being a proud Houstonian.

On the positive side, I am part of 7500 race crew who are volunteering to help organizers hosting this amazing event. I am very excited to be part of the crew who are involved in pre-race and race day volunteer opportunity. In my opinion, volunteering has the “happiness effect”; it helps you connect to people in your community and also brings a natural sense of accomplishment. Since I am an avid runner myself, my role as a volunteer in the race gives me sense of pride and identity. Moreover, what would be more fascinating than watching thousands of marathoners on their race course. I am definitely going to share lot of pictures from the race in my next few blogs to enthrall my readers. Even my kids are thrilled about this race which has generated so much buzz in the city.

As for today, I went for my usual workouts to gym rather than running outdoors with my kids. I prefer to take a day break after couple of days of long distance (more than 10 miles) running to prevent overuse injuries and restore glycogen stores.  I love lifetime fitness in my area, my kids love it for the facilities they have. We had some good time together and I think I am all set for volunteering in tomorrow’s mega event.

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