Sunday, January 12, 2014

What do you need for running?

Good things to know if you want to start running! You’ve heard this is inexpensive and has a multitude of benefits.  From my own experience, I can tell that it is a great problem solver because it directly soothes your brain which is the control center of all your anxiety, emotions and thoughts. Today let’s focus on basic gear and other things you might need to “Sri-Ganesh” the best thing of your life – running.

  1. Comfortable shoes – some say barefoot running is good but I would still prefer to run in shoes, just for my own safety. Go for one which is lighter and feels like you are barefoot. Nike free run shoes are the best in my opinion.
  2. Shorts or pants – Depending on the weather.  I would say use running shorts that aren’t too long (ones you use to play basketball with your kids).
  3. Socks – Any brand is good but make sure it’s good enough to protect you from blisters.
  4. IPod – Listening to music is always good because it keeps you distracted and you will not feel exhausted while running or jogging.
  5. Drinks – I prefer water over any other drink. But, the point here is that you must keep yourself hydrated all the time. Especially, if you plan to run more than couple of miles either on a tread mill or outdoors.
  6. Stretch a little before you start and after you finish the run to reduce any soreness.
  7. Make all the excuses you want but get on with it. Just concentrate on one reason that brought you to running. Your focus will work like a magic.
  8. Keep track of your running because that is a great motivator. I consider myself a novice runner too, but keeping a writing diary helps me sticking to my goal.
  9. Lastly – if it helps, register for a 5k race and start reading about running.  You will find lots of amazing stories on the  Internet  to motivate and keep you on track.

That’s all for me today. On the personal side, I did achieve my goal for this week that was running 40 miles in a week. For all of my readers, who are interested in knowing, I will be running half marathon on Feb 9 in Houston.

I often think about the day when one of my colleague signed me up for the 5k run last year. My whole life changed the day I took up running and every day I feel like I am becoming a better person.

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