Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why is running good for Indians?

We all have heard about meditation at some point of time in our lives. A few of us have even tried meditating in the privacy of our homes or any quiet place. Result?  Eternal peace, calmness, freedom from anxiety and so forth.  Isn't this sound very familiar? Or remind you of some guru preaching to his disciples about the magic of meditation? This is enough to compel many of us to try this easy way of relieving stress from day to day life and feeling relaxed.

Question is - Have you ever tried it? Did you feel what you anticipated? I did try it once or twice and believe me I could not concentrate to the level where I could attain the best outcome. I talked to couple of other folks and got similar answers. That made me think, can this really happen and if so then is it that simple? Anyway, I am still searching for the right person to give me convincing answers.

Nevertheless, I got that sense in running. Running is like meditation. I am not a guru but a common man like you and millions of other people in this world, who have families and work 9 to 5 every day to make their living. So, this is a very honest confession from my very own experience. I was reluctant initially to run but once I entered the world of running, there was no return and it changed my whole life.

Dear friends – I got my answer to the question about meditation with a little twist- instead of sitting in a closed room, go out and start running. You will soon be able to focus like a swan and have concentration like Arjun. That is precisely the reason why people who get into running feel healthy and happy all the time. Most people who go to the gym are regular attendees; have you ever wondered why? Well, it is because they are captivated by the thought of running, and enjoy the multitude of benefits.

When I grasped the truth about this democratic sport, I promised to myself that I will at least let people know through my blog. Ironically, I was never a good writer. But, hey, I can still try for a good cause.
Even science says that “The biggest benefits come from vigorous exercise like running". Here are common benefits mentioned below in my own words -

  • Weight loss for sure. You will look younger.
  • No need to take any cholesterol medicine even if you have high cholesterol.
  • Your brain and body will function better because you will feel fresh most of the time. You will be less depressed and more productive. You will feel more confident and sharp.
  • You will sleep like a baby.
  •  If you are a smoker, you will start hating cigarettes. This could be the easiest way to say goodbye to smoking.
  • Your family and kids will start appreciating your efforts more than ever. You will become their hero.
I sincerely hope that some of you will at least give it a try now. My only advice for you is to move at your own pace. Never compete with anybody. You can do it with a partner or just by yourself. Feel free to comment or ask questions. Welcome to the magical world of running!


  1. Can't agree anymore

  2. Nikhil - You yourself are an avid runner. Let us work together to encourage other friends into this. Looking forward to suggestions. Thanks!

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  4. very will be a better place if people opted for it..not only for Indians.. it's good for everyone..

  5. Thanks and concur with you. I am trying to motivate few of my close ones first into this fascinating sport. At this point many of us don’t appreciate the value of running.


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