Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Couch-to-5k running (Couch25k)

Lately, I have noticed a surge in people’s interest in running – particularly 5k runs. Why? There is lot of talks going on about it in all age groups these days. Even if you are nonchalant about it, you cannot ignore the fact that general awareness is rising in society. It could be in the form of one of the following especially if you are in US. (I am not sure what is the situation in India, but would love to hear from one of our readers)
  • 5k color runs in kids’ school
  • 5k charity runs supporting a cause
  • 5k runs sponsored by company
  • 5k runs in the neighborhood or society
  • 5k runs organized by fitness companies
  • Health insurance companies throwing rewards for participating in races
  • And there are a few more I am not aware of...

In our community, the many events related to running stirs interest in many individuals, but then perishes soon due to lack of direction or disinclination. There are few energetic people who jog into the world of running, but then become turned off simply by trying to start too fast. Their bodies’ rebel and they wind up miserable, wondering why anyone would possibly want to do this to themselves. They never go over the threshold to shape their running into an enjoyment.

The key here is that you should cruise comfortably into your running program. Just understand that you cannot transform yourself from couch potato into a runner unless you first enjoy jogging, especially if you have never jogged or ran before. In fact, the beginners' program should be less of a running routine, and rather a walking and jogging program. The simple plan is to walk- jog -run for 15-20 days and gradually add half a mile each week until you reach three miles. If you follow this simple mantra, I assure you that you can do a 5k with much ease and little pain. Just think about the feeling of accomplishment after you finish your run. Trust me; there will be no looking back after that.

Friends - go ahead and sign up for a race in whichever city you are, train at your own pace and enjoy the multitudes of benefits.

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