Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let’s bust myth#3: “Long distance running is impossible for me"

Happy Holi to all the readers!

These days in any gathering with our friends, we talk about running for sure even if it is ephemeral. Whatever the occasion is, I have noticed, that people ask questions - some out of curiosity other just as a formality and a few because they truly appreciate my effort to encourage others to run. A few of them have acknowledged that they read my blog and feel motivated to start jogging or running. Personally, this is all I wished for when I started this blog a couple of months ago. As a novice runner, I am aware that the idea of running scratched in a subconscious mind is the first step to the running world. Sooner or later, many people will give it a try.  

Running is one of the simplest activities you can do to stay fit—just lace up your shoes and get moving. Right? Nothing complicated about that. This is where many of us have reservations - there are still plenty of misconceptions about the sport, from old wives' tales (don’t run in cold weather or you'll get sick!) to faulty online "facts" about conditioning, age factor, joint pain and race etiquette. The common one I hear is – “It is impossible for me to run long distances because I have never ran in my life”.

That’s absolutely untrue- the only thing you have to do is “Start running” and you will improve little by little.
Now that you’re a runner, you can work on being a better runner because chances are you’re going to be pretty bad at first. Sorry, but it’s true. Unless you’re ethiopian, you’re probably not a born natural runner – the good news is most people aren’t. You aren’t born a runner, you become one. But, if you’ve never ran before, your first run might be tough. That’s okay. Focus on improving.

With my experience and by completely unscientific methods of testing, I know one thing now for sure. You need to be able to run 5 miles. 

That’s it.

If you can run 5 miles, you can run as far as you want – whether that’s a 10k, half marathon or full marathon. If you can run 5 miles, you can run forever. Because – after you cross 4 miles or so it is like meditation and you will want to be in that mode for ever.

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