Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Looking for one, here are 52 reasons to run a marathon

I was reading about this amazing runner, Dane Rauschenberg who made his mark on the running world by running 52 marathons in 52 consecutive weekends. Seems challenging! He gave 52 reasons to run a marathon when contacted by a journalist. After running a few half-marathons myself, and even a couple of marathons, I too am a proponent of 26.2 miles. However, this "super runner's" biography blew me away! He took this challenge to the greatest extreme. I hope to meet him in the future at a marathon. Here are a few reasons to keep running-even when it may seem tough!

1. Exuberance
2. Inspire others
3. Self-confidence
4. Be a superhero
5. Travel
6. Learn the most of an area
7. Make new friends
8. Catered exercise –
9. Nice quads.
10. Nice calves.
11. Nice buttocks.
12. Nice abs.
13. Amazing people
14. Camaraderie
15. Medals
16. Streets are yours – They close down the streets like a freaking parade. For you! You are royalty!
17. Winning attitude
18. It’s For you
19. Because you can
27-52.  These last 26 are for the 26 miles of the marathon. You should run a marathon because mile-by-mile you will bring yourself that much closer to becoming invincible. Pain, chafing, sweat, tears, and blood will all just be memories as mile after mile you move closer to being unbreakable.
If you notice, I skipped few of the reasons because it did not make a sense to me probably as an Indian guy J

Forget what I said about the half-marathon. I just convinced myself to run another 26.2 mi soon.

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