Thursday, November 12, 2015

Resume running after a break – Not easy?

I almost logged 800 miles in 8 months, then took a break. Not sure why? But it happened. For a month, I fought hard to go back on track but found difficult to get back my passion. It took me some time to realize where I went wrong. Thankfully, Now that I am back to my running streak and about to reach my goal of 1000 miles this year, I could not stop myself from blogging it on fit Indian run.

What it takes to start running again after a long break? Whether you've taken an extended break from running because of an injury, a busy schedule, or lack of motivation, here are some tips on how to ease back into running. If you've only been sidelined from running for a short period of time, such as a week or two, and don't feel like you should be completely starting over, these tips will help in coming back from a running break.

  •  Join a running group.
  • Follow a training schedule
  • Take a walk break but don't stop
  • Register for a race
  • Go to your favorite places to run
  • Cross train to build fitness
  • Avoid doing too much too soon
  • Don't get discouraged

Happy running!

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