Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fallen out of your regular running routine? How to stage a strong comeback

Even the most devoted or staunch runners can get sidetracked from their routine by crazy deadlines, long-awaited vacations, or (worse) nagging injuries or hardships of life. Recently,
I have been through this and find it real hard to get back on track. Running is my passion still I feel so lethargic and procrastinate about getting on track. Then I realized that rather than fretting over how long it's going to take me to return to active running, it's important for me to keep such detours in perspective.
"You shouldn't feel guilty about taking a break from running," says Marissa Tiamfook, a running coach based in Los Angeles. "Focus on the fact that you want to get back out there." If for whatever reason my running shoes have gathered dust, it’s still there so tie your laces and start running – kind of like ‘Forrest Gump’. Therefore, here's how I am planning to get back on track. Hopefully, I should be able to run few half and full marathons this year. That being said – Delhi Airtel half marathon is definitely on the top of my bucket list. We plan to run together with several of my Indian friends this year in November.
  • Sign up for a 5-K/10-K
  • Set a new goal
  • Exercise and running together with buddies
  • Be regular to my favorite gym
  • Regular blogging on Fit Indian Run