Sunday, September 25, 2016

Katy Wellness 5k Run - 9/25

What the Houston wellness program is doing in and around Houston is truly admirable. How often you would find a timed 5k run where registration is completely free? It is a “must do” event for a beginner and any runner who are little reluctant in getting themselves registered for a race. Interestingly, you could just show up in the morning on the race day without even registering and still allowed to participate. Certainly, a big encouragement for people out there who would like to have a family 5k run on a fine Sunday morning to start their day on a high note.

This program has truly made the journey of wellness very simple. Their mission is to empower every individual to make healthy lifestyle choices with little hassle. Today there was one race at Freedom Park near Katy. Despite little rain during the night, hundreds of enthusiastic runners were present at 8 am at the start line. You could see the sense of triumph on their face after the race. During the race, the job done by all the volunteers and kids from Cinco Ranch High School was commendable. I must say that anybody who is interested in giving 5k a try must take advantage of this program. I can assure that you would be excited to be part of this program.

Last but not the least - although it is a free run, don’t forget to donate few dollars because we must support this organization for their noble effort to make Houstonians healthy and happy.  

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