Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Running long distance is pure joy!

“Running long distance is pure joy” – you will perpetually hear this from enthusiastic runners across the globe. In last four months, I ran three half and one full marathon and therefore truly in accord with the above statement. 

I went to Delhi in November to run Airtel half marathon with friends, which indeed was a fantastic experience. Post run party at Sheraton was the best part where I could see many winners, smiling faces happy from core because of what they did in the morning. Singing, dancing, drinking and mingling with all college and childhood friends brought back memories of our younger days. It was not that hard to unanimously decide that we will run and celebrate the occasion like this every year with more and more friends. Why shouldn’t we all celebrate the moment which makes us all happier and healthier? 

Later in December’16, I ran Trail half marathon in Texas with few of the best runners in the country. Couple of them were from world renowned “Tarahumara” tribe. And throughout the run, three words were echoing into my mind – we are “Born to Run”. If determined, there is nothing we can’t do and undoubtedly humans are the best creation of god. Unfortunately, we ourselves are responsible for destroying the power and abilities to live natural and strong.  We get indulged in short-lived luxuries of life and come up with excuses only to suffer later in life.

The next one was Houston marathon in January’17 where more than 30,000 runners participated in this prestigious Chevron event.  Weather turned out to be the spoilsport, made the run harder but could not dampen the enthusiasm. Although it was my third consecutive Houston marathon, the excitement was nevertheless the same.

The next race was in February’17, Rhythm and Blues half marathon in Houston downtown. Running with people from all ages with bands playing throughout the track was definitely a bliss. That day in Houston was particularly hot but could not curb the spirit of this running extravaganza.

Running gives utmost pleasure and peace. And I hope to continue this endeavor for rest of my life with my family and friends here in US as well as in India.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Two half marathons – back to back (New Delhi & Houston)

When I look back in life just a couple of year back, running was never in my agenda. In my mind, it was a mundane task for only people who had less important things to do in life. Now when I do little introspection to what has changed, I comprehended that the rational was more to do with our Indian life style, pre-set milestones and what is nursed to us by the society over the years. We are apprehensive of doing things which are out of the box and made to believe that contentment can only be derived from certain activities- as dictated by society. Well, this scenario is changing now especially in today’s world. The contemporary way of living is significantly different from what it was 20-30 years ago. For most of us, internet exposure, social media and the influence of the outside world is playing a major role in shaping people’s life more than anything. Finding true happiness and peace has become more challenging than ever because we are surrounded by a virtual world which has lot of distractions. Isn’t it hard to decide what will give you true happiness? Or what is the goal of your life?
Well, running surely gave me lot of peace and self-belief. Recently, I went to India to run the Airtel half marathon with friends and family. Nothing gave me more pleasure than looking at their smiling faces and their genuine desire to remain healthy as they grow older. It is good to know people are realizing that ONLY a healthy body can keep the brain cells healthy. I came back and ran another half marathon here in Houston for charity. This made me feel amazing. Running two charity runs back to back with so many positive people – that was awesome. What is more encouraging that my kids – both Navya and Ishu always make me feel like superman when run. Talking to them about the benefits of stellar health and positivity besides the perks of studying becomes more meaningful when you walk the talk.
I hope this endeavor will continue forever. I have truly embraced running for life and wish that all my friends and family join me in this attempt so that we all can enjoy sound health when we move into our 60s, 70s and more.

Best wishes and Happy New 2017.